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ghost fellows


Editor & Colorist, VFX Artist

meet me (dream sequence)
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meet me (dream sequence)
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Ghost Fellows sc2
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Ghost Fellows Hal (sc1)
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When a bizarre, physics-altering stone falls to Earth, it brings with it drastic changes to which the human race must scramble to adjust. New crops and strange, mysterious plants appear overnight, and terrifying creatures begin to roam at night. A few brave people lean into the chaos of this new reality, even as the conditions that allowed for civilization begin to crumble around them. As others retreat from the world to fend for themselves, a small group of friends determines to start anew

Ghost Fellows is about making connections with others even when isolation may seem easier. It is about the choice to to grow together in the face of hardship, and how that choice doesn’t come easy but can lead to a more clear purpose in the world.

More a multi-media experiment than a fully-realized production, Ghost Fellows has yet to find its medium! These are a number of tests and scenes using various live action and animation techniques, to demonstrate how the project has slowly worked toward discovering itself over the past several years.

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